Chris McGill Jr.& Denise McGill Jr

Pastor and First Lady

Deacon James Garnett and Deacon Chris Mc

 James Garnett & Chris McGill Sr.

Min. Inez Simthson.PNG

Minister Inez Smithson

Women's Sunday School Leader

Chairman and Co-Chairman of Deacon Board

First Lady (1).PNG

Denise McGill

Children's Church Coordinator

Cameron and Nicole Seay #5 (1).PNG

 Cameron & Nicole Seay

Special Music Ministry

Mesha Jones (1).PNG

Mesha Jones

Nursery Leader

Church Secretary Daniell McKiver.PNG

Daniell Mckiver

Church Secretary 

Lee Peters #2 Picture.PNG

Captain Lee Peters III

Security Team Leader

Sis Debbie.PNG

Debbie Johnson


Diane Garnett.PNG

Diane Garnett

Leader of AV Ministry

IMG_2639001 kevin.jpg

Kevin Wiafe

Cinematography &Photography

IMG_2666001 Brain Jones.jpg

Brian Jones

Lawn and Garden Leader

Diana Harrison #3.PNG

Diana Harrison

Financial Secretary


Giovanni Jackson

Website Designer/Web Master

Shontia Jackson

Team Leadership Member